Sleep Sweetly Baby Deem 

Sleep Sweetly Baby Deem -42x42 Patchwork & Applique

Yesterday, when I returned home from work, there was the box with my quilt.  At first I was a little hesitant to open it, but I was too darn excited not to open the box.  And to my delight and amazement the quilt you created (from my mom’s clothes for my niece’s baby) was exactly what I wanted, and so much more than I expected.  It is the most gorgeous quilt I’ve ever seen.  I was so happy that I cried because you captured my mom’s warmth and love.  All the extra touches with the buttons were incredible.  When I look at this quilt I see and feel my mom.  You have made my heart so ecstatic.  In fact even my husband was amazed at how beautiful it is.  He told me “whatever you paid for this quilt, it is well worth it”. 

I plan to present the quilt on Saturday and I know that you and your team will bring tears of joy and many smiles to my family.  You are truly amazing and you are such a pleasure to work with.  I am amazed by your attention to detail and your prompt responses to my many questions and concerns.  I will tell everyone that they need to have a quilt made by you. 

I cannot thank you enough for the joy you have give me and the amazing quilt you created for my family.  You truly have a gift.  I will be back to have another quilt made and you have a return customer for life. 

May god bless you and your creativity.

 Thank you, thank you for the beautiful quilt. 

Estelle, Pell Lake, WI    

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