James Family - Haley’s Cathedral Windows 

James Family I - 43x70 Haley's Cathedral Windows

My Heart Overfloweth!

I cannot convey the feelings that went through me as I wallowed in the nostalgia and beauty of the five quilts spread out over my apartment floor!  I opened the first box of the boys blue jean quilts immediately, but waited until a few days ago to open the second box.  I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite design…but I think it might be Haley’s Cathedral patterned quilt.  What a beautiful job you have done! 

The pictures you included with written designation on the back are a wonderful touch.

I am most appreciative for the sheets of “Caring for your Quilt".  There were many pointers in there that were fist-time news to me and I know the information will help the ‘kids’ to enjoy and care for their quilts during many years to come…a family heirloom, indeed!

You can rest assured there will be many recommendations going out to my friends and I think you for the cards and comment sheets I can give them at that opportune moment!  It is not just your business that is special, it is YOU that MAKES it special. Not only do you use high level technology in communication, you have the skill in creating and sewing…as well as ‘the personal touch that means so much”! 

Blessings to you and the loving work you create.
Judy, El Cajon, CA    

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