Grandma Fran’s Hankies

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I opened the box & cried. It's so beautiful. Thank you!!!! Can't tell you how much it means. I will cherish it forever.  Thank you so much.

I'm a crafter & posted this on my Instagram today:

Crafty Story:  Grandma was a USO stunner who opened her own Beauty Shop & glamorized the town for 50 years. She also ran a farm, raised 6 kids, never missed church, & invited everyone to her supper table. She baked, canned, & jammed out in the kitchen dancing with Grandpa! She tried to teach me to be a lady, clean my plate, use manners, pay attention, brush my hair, not get holes in my tights (which I did anyway.) All I wanted to do was create so Grandma filled drawers with paints, markers, play-doh. Let me drag stuff in from the fields & glue it together. This quilt reminds me of all of that! 💗Got this Legacy Quilt made from her church hankies from '50's, 60's, 70's, & '80's. Jennifer from Legacy Quilts made it in Wisconsin. Thank you!!! We can never go back. But quilts help us we can tell the next generation who our Grandmas were:))💗🐱💗 #kerryluvcat #upcycle #legacyquilts #quilts #stories #heritage #crafts #support #American #small #business #owners #love #family #Grandmas! 💚💜💛💗💙

I would love to order another quilt from you soon. And am telling all my friends. You just put something in my heart that i can't explain. It brings back memories. It's so beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work.

With lots of love,
Kerry M, Los Angeles, CA

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