Photo Transfers - $11/item

Combine photos and memorabilia into your quilt design to create one-of-a-kind quilted treasures.  Tell the story of a life well lived, school memories, special people, or memorable places.  Consider adding greeting cards, invitations, letters, art, newspaper clips, songs, recipes, tickets or anything holding remembrances for you and your loved ones.  

The possibilities are as endless as your memories! 

*Photos are digitally reproduced on white or off-white fabric and are fully washable.  All photos and items are returned unharmed.   *A photo transfer fee will apply to each item used.  *Photos can be resized to fit your quilt design.  Photo manipulation and editing beyond basic transfer will incur additional charges.  *Final price is determined by the number of photos and finished size.  *Using photos larger than 8x10” is not recommended.

*Though quilts have been grouped to help visitors envision possible uses, any quilt or design can be customized to meet your special needs or occasion.* 

*Click on photos to enlarge and enhance detail.*

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