Mini Replica Quilts - $45

Each happy memory that we share is a special tie that keeps us close in thought and heart as days and years go by. - Anon.

Ideal for framing or scrapbooking, these 8x10” mini masterpieces utilize tiny left-over scraps from your quilt’s fabrics to make elegant companion gifts to give or keep as remembrances of your special quilt.  An easy way to give additional ‘quilts’* to family and friends, or those who contributed fabrics for your quilt.                    

 The 8x10 size is also excellent for scrapbooking purposes. 

*Available only as an addendum to completed quilts. Not available as single items.   
*Not actually quilted.  *Frame not included.

*Though quilts have been grouped to help visitors envision possible uses, any quilt or design can be customized to meet your special needs or occasion.* 

*Click on photos to enlarge and enhance detail.*

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